Sunday, August 1, 2010

Let’s start the month with vibrant colours.

Hie peeps.

I know I’ve been MIA for a VERY long time. Work is taking up most of my time. :(

Let me show you my new babies. Naming this series as bubblegum. Colourful and it really reminds me of candy and gums. :)P1080263



Name: Pink bubblegum.
Price: RM15.00
Measurment: 16 cm (not including toggle).
Made of : Toggle, pink love, flowers and glass beads.  
Status: Available

P1080270Name: White bubblegum.
Price: RM15.00
Measurment: 15 cm (not including toggle).
Made of : Toggle, white flowers and love.  
Status: Available


Name: Purple bubblegum.
Price: RM17.00
Measurment: 16 cm (notincluding toggle).
Made of : Toggle, blue flowers, beads and love.  
Status: Available

*No remakes*

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