Sunday, March 28, 2010

Specially made.

Made 2 bracelets. Can’t tell it is for who at this moment.

I got my Czech pressed glass beads from Marina Craft. It is really beautiful. I love the combo of white and black. The blue beads are just as beautiful too. I was really tempted to get other colour too but had to control myself. Arggh.. >_<

Here are my creations. P1050931


The first name that came to my mind was checkmate. It really does remind me of the chess set. Don’t you think so?


Blue: Ocean, beach, sunny days, relax, fun and smile.

Therefore I named it Ocean Avenue. It’s like everyday is a holiday and to be spent on the beach. *Happy sigh*

Still have another bracelet to do. Can’t think of a design yet. Hmmm. Timeline is getting really close. >__<

Have a great week!!


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