Friday, May 1, 2009

Chain to the key

Keychain. Is it the same as chain to the key? I'm just playing around with word. Reminds me when I was back in high school. Was suppose to do a public speaking for English class. I chose the topic: The crazy English language. English words can be really funny. I miss those times.

Here is a keychain that holds a bit of memories. The ribbon usually used to tie pony tails, cute little dress when going for outing during the weekend and for the rocking horse is like an imaginary little ponytails cartoon we wish to have. Cupid signify puppy love everyone goes through.

*click on the pic for better view*
Name: Childhood memories.
Price: RM22.50 RM12.00
Made of : Love charm, jeweled ribbon, pewter cupid and a rocking horse.
Status: Available,Sales.

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